Hair Down to...Where?

During the 18th century, elaborate wigs were the high fashion of the day for men and for women. The Victorian era brought taboos and strict guidelines for behavior, but freed the person from the burden of caring for someone else’s hair on their head. Pride in one’s own hair became a highlight of the time period. There were few excesses in the Victorian era, one of them was the freedom to let down your hair.

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Victorian Heads Afloat, Circa 1885

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'The Seven Sutherland Sisters,' Cabinet Card, Circa 1880
"With whom nearly everyone is familiar for a hair tonic which they extensively advertise."

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Miss Owens, an exhibitionist whose hair measured 8ft 3in., Circa 1890

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The Lady with the Mane
Who had growing from the center of her back, between the shoulders, a veritable mane of long black hair, which doubtless proceeded from a form of Naevus Pilosus,
Circa 1896

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