Electrotherapy- Crookes Tube (Cathode Ray)

Position 1: Crookes's tube under the table and plate over the chest. This method is specially valuable in locating foreign bodies stereoscopically.

Position 2: The plate can be changed without changing the position of the patient in stereoscopic skiagraphy.

19th Century Exercise Photos

Victorians shed their corsets and trousers to display stretching techniques:


The Syrian-Druse Rebellion of 1925: Burns Collection Album

The pages combine images from the bloody Syrian Revolt with family and travel photos spanning the mid to late 1920s. Haunting pictures of public assassinations and the devastation of Damascus are surreally juxtaposed with a glamorous Middle Eastern beauty named "Goldie." The album is an interesting document in light of the current Syrian Revolt and the general state of unrest in the middle east.

Close-ups of images in the album:

Damascus in Ruins, 1925

Dead bodies of Syrian rebels, killed by the French Army in 1925, and placed in Marjeh Square

Druze Family

Also called: Syrian Revolution
1925-1927,  Deaths: 8000

The Syrian Revolution, Great Syrian Revolt or Great Druze Revolt (1925-1927) was the largest and longest-lasting anti-colonial insurgency in the inter-war Arab East. Mobilizing peasants, workers, and army veterans, rather than urban elites and nationalist intellectuals, it was the first mass movement against colonial rule in the Middle East. The revolt failed to liberate Syria from French occupation, but it provided a model of popular nationalism and resistance that remains potent in the Middle East today. Each subsequent Arab uprising against foreign rule has repeated the language and tactics of the Great Syrian Revolt.


Bearded Ladies: Hirsutism

Delina Rossa "Bearded Lady From Paris"
Madame Josephine Clofullia (1827–1875)
Clémentine Delait (1865–1939)
Delait and her husband kept a café in Thaon-les-Vosges, in Lorraine, France. According to later accounts, Clémentine Delait visited a carnival, saw a bearded woman with some stubble and boasted that she could grow a better beard herself. Her husband bet 500 francs to back her. The bet attracted many more customers to the Delaits' café and they changed the name to Le Café de La Femme a Barbe, "The café of the Bearded Woman"