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Dr. Burns Exhibits work at the National Arts Club 114th Annual Exhibit

March 20 thru Sunday April 7

Before he began collecting photography, Dr. Burns’ interest in WWII and the Nazi Genocide stimulated him to collect items related to the war, especially Nazi soldier album snapshots. He has since used them in creating computer-enhanced artwork based on the images. To facilitate comprehension and remembrance of the Holocaust, images are enlarged without being altered, then colorized with the yellow of the Jewish star worn by those in ghettos. He adds poignant captions, creating an amplified ‘Word-Image’ from these snapshots and a new visual dimension to the vocabulary of the visual culture of the Holocaust.

Dr. Stanley B. Burns and his entry, Hostile Territory

“Hostile Territory” is the piece shown at the NAC exhibit. The original snapshot was taken in Germany around 1937 and depicts a sign with caricatures of a Jewish man and woman, alerting travelers that the town is Jew-free. It is one of the images from the series:

Snapshot Photographs of the Crimes of the German Army